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Feeling Stressed?
Neck and Shoulders feel tight?
Not sure how to get through the afternoon?
I can help! I offer stress relief classes designed to help the body relax and release built up stress. Elements of the class focus on posture, breathing, meditation, and stretching. The class is designed to teach you the tools, so you can perform these stress relief techniques at your work desk when needed. This class will benefit anyone who works in front of a computer. Classes can even be done in work attire.
*Yoga classes are available from 45 minutes (lunchtime yoga) to 1 and ½ hr sessions*
Please make sure that your home, space or office where the class is held, is suitable and accommodating. Do not hesitate to ask should you have any questions or concerns.
I recommend purchasing yoga sticky mats for these classes. They can be bought at inexpensive prices, and easily stored away when not in use.

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