Postnatal (Mother & Baby Yoga)

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Postnatal (Mother & Baby Yoga)

Classes are a wonderful way to keep yourself active, raise your energy levels and help with mental wellbeing while focusing on vital post-natal recovery.

Release tension in the shoulders and back from feeding and carrying. We will also work on core strength and pelvic floor exercises.

The classes are suitable from around 6 weeks after your baby is born until they start to crawl. If you’ve had a c-section please check with your GP (usually 10-12 weeks) that you are ready to join the class.

During your practice your baby rests next to you so bring a blanket for your little one to lie on. Don’t worry that your baby may cry, you can attend to your child, feed, comfort, and change them during the class as needed.

These classes provide a beautiful way to bond with the baby and meet other Mums in the community